Hi everyone! As a web and mobile developer, from simple text editors to very complicated ones I use a lot of tools in my daily life. They make my life easier. I want to list the top 10 of them today.

1. Visual Studio Code

As you can imagine VSCode is my main editor. I’m using it to write code, blog posts and other editing tasks.

Visual Studio Code Website

2. Slack

We use slack for our inner communication tool at Bflue with a lot of slack applications connected. We can see our metrics, commit history, tasks and other data with just a basic command.

Slack Website

3. Mailspring

I recently switched from my email client to mailspring. It’s an open source email client from Ben Gotow, one of the original authors of Nylas Mail.

Mailspring Website

4. Beekeeper Studio

Beekeeper Studio is an open-source SQL editor and database manager. I use it intensively. It’s “The smoothest, best looking, and easiest to use SQL client” as they say on their website.

Beekeeper Studio Website

5. Android Studio

As a flutter developer, I mainly use VSCode. But if I need more advantage IDE or I’ve to maintain my old apps written in Kotlin and Java, Android Studio is my best choice.

Android Studio Website

Cover: ‘Tools Illustration’ from Ümit Can Evleksiz