How I Use Vercel To Develop MVP’s?

Vercel combines the best developer experience with an obsessive focus on end-user performance. Our platform enables frontend teams to do their best work.

What is Vercel?

Vercel is, basically, a static hosting platform on steroids. Vercel lets developers to setup a static website (jamstack actually) easily.

Beside of that vercel let you run serverless functions in JavaScript, Go, and other languages.

What is MVP?

An MVP (minimum viable product) is a version of a product with just enough features to be usable by early customers.

For me Vercel has everything for an mvp. From hosting landing pages to generating an api I can do everything with vercel for free. I’m hosting landing pages on vercel. My latest project on Google Play using vercel to crawl a website and output json, and than I’m consuming this json in flutter ListView.builder widget to show data.